Memorial Forest Garbage Info

Backdoor Garbage Pick-Up Service

Memorial Forest residents in Houston have private trash collection provided by USA Waste Solutions. Residents pay for the service through the Civic Association’s “annual assessment”. The fee is based on the USA's Waste Solutions pricing and is reduced, modestly, through a rebate from the City of Houston.

If you are receiving service and have not paid your assessment, you are subject to having your service cut-off.   

Memorial Forest residents who reside in Bunker Hill Village have trash pickup provided by Republic Waste.





  • USA Waste Solutions currently provides garbage/trash services to the subdivisions that comprise the Memorial Forest Civic Club, along with the north side of the 12200 block of Perthshire and excluding residents of Bunker Hill Village.
  • Recycling is not included in this service.
  • Residents must provide their own trash container(s) – any size (not to exceed 96 gallons), shape, or color is acceptable.
  • Trash service days are Wednesday and Saturday, approximately between the hours of 7:00 AM and 6:00 PM.
  • All household garbage and yard waste will be picked up at one location at the house, either at the backdoor/garage door, in front of a driveway gate, or at the curb near to your driveway.
  • USA Waste Solutions will pick up a maximum 4 containers of garbage and 10 sturdy plastic bags of yard waste/trimmings, not weighing more than 40 pounds each.
  • All branches and tree trimmings should be no more than 3 inches in diameter and no longer than 4 feet in length. Bundles must be tied securely and weigh less than 40 pounds each. All bundles should be placed at the curb.
  • Bulk items/heavy trash will be collected curbside on Wednesday and Saturday. There is a limit of one item per household per pickup day.
  • Excluded Items: It is illegal to transport any hazardous waste in a trash truck and dispose of it in a landfill. Hazardous waste includes medical waste, toxic or radioactive waste, any appliance containing Freon, acids, car batteries, dead animals, and chemicals of any kind, car parts, car tires, and construction trash (including concrete, large quantities of carpeting, fencing, rolls of carpet, or any construction type material or debris).
  • Other Excluded Items: Large pieces of glass (must be broken down in smaller pieces and placed into a closed box and labeled), metal items, and improperly contained animal waste (animal waste must be contained in a sealed bag to be serviced).
  • Excluded Liquid Waste: Toxic or radioactive waste, Freon, paint, acids, petroleum products, cooking oil, chemicals of any kind, and similar substances.
  • USA Waste will pick up “White Goods” (e.g., any appliance) as a “bulk item”. Residents should contact USA Waste at 281-974-2409 before setting out any white goods that contain any Freon. Items must be tagged by a certified technician with bill of services performed as proof showing that the Freon has been removed.
  • Bulk items which are too large to fit into the truck used in normal pickup may be collected separately upon request. The party requesting such service will be billed separately at a negotiated price, depending upon such considerations as size, quantity, and required handling.

Holidays: There will be no pickup on New Year’s Day, 4th of July, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. Service will resume on the next regularly scheduled collection day.

Questions, Concerns, & Complaints:

Please contact our neighborhood representative, Katie Wright either via phone at 713-775-3748 or via email at

USA Waste Solutions - 2020 Guidelines.12.15.2020.pdf